Sunday, October 10, 2010

A slight insecurity,

or should I say susceptibility to

Feelings of inadequacy,

driven home by the perfect glass slippers

Sliding onto the feet of

A thousand silicone cinderellas

Sitting next to, circumventing,

Suffocating me.

Lonely, lone, alone, loner

Of only fifteen years young.

Boundless talents,

Manifested in proficiency of drinking

Keystone Light and

Straight shots of vodka, no chaser please.

Black out, Brown out, Blue out

Me and you go out.

I laugh, you smile

We separate, glances exchanged

Together again, your hand, my waist

Flash to a first cigarette

Drag of burning

I picture myself a dragon

Breathing fire into

My life as

Cinderella the maid, waiting for

Prince Charming

In a lacrosse jersey with an endless supply of

Marlboro Reds

Of which I will never forget the taste.

Deep desires

Longing, loneliness, lust leads to

Groping furiously in the grass

They say get a room,

And so we do;

The story goes on from there,

As most sad stories do.

And all I see in the review mirror on the way home

Is another lonely princess

Morphed into a statistic.