Tuesday, October 27, 2009

seasons of new york

fall, winter, spring...and now summer.
it's official. it's official. it's official.
all 4 seasons.
this is my place, my city.
i wake up every morning to this city;
fall asleep to it at night.
i know where the D train goes,
and i can point out broadway to lost tourists.
it's sneaking it's way into every conversation i have
and wiggling it's way into everything i write
i even doodle skylines in my notebook.
wish i could stop talking about it,
wish i could stop singing about it.
readers, i know you get it. i know you know how much i love it.
but when something consumes you like the way new york has me
it's just impossible not to babble and babble and babble
it inspires me in a new way every single day

hey new york, be mine forever?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

no sleep till'...

there is something about the afternoon lighting in brooklyn that gives me shivers.
i love: the way the water glistens, the breeze tickles your hair, and the brief glimpses of manhattan you get while walking down bedford avenue.
i get a kick out of: the short clips of music that snatch your attention as you pass by boys with headphones that are too big for their heads, the rusted bicycles, and the grass that grows out of the sidewalks
a perfect brooklyn day consists of: a cappuchino, hitting the vintage shops or galleries, and simply sitting on a bench, staring at manhattan and watching the world go by.
{plus the waterfront is possibly the most peaceful place in new york city between 4-5PM.}
..mmm, so many delicious posibilities.
...and so i ask, what's inspiring you today?