Tuesday, October 27, 2009

seasons of new york

fall, winter, spring...and now summer.
it's official. it's official. it's official.
all 4 seasons.
this is my place, my city.
i wake up every morning to this city;
fall asleep to it at night.
i know where the D train goes,
and i can point out broadway to lost tourists.
it's sneaking it's way into every conversation i have
and wiggling it's way into everything i write
i even doodle skylines in my notebook.
wish i could stop talking about it,
wish i could stop singing about it.
readers, i know you get it. i know you know how much i love it.
but when something consumes you like the way new york has me
it's just impossible not to babble and babble and babble
it inspires me in a new way every single day

hey new york, be mine forever?

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