Sunday, August 16, 2009

booonnnn appetit!

i just saw the movie Julie and Julia at my mama's request (editor's note: that is a complete lie, i really wanted to see it and i dragged her along for some mommy-daughter bonding). luckily, we both loved it! julie's story made me want to do something significant with this page because, well let's face it, as of right now this is half of a journal and half a site that is meant for other people... and a wee bit ADD, non? but anyway, the character Julie decides one day to make 524 of Julia Child's recipes for 365 days of the year. She goes through blood (literally), sweat (literally), and tears (very literally) to make sure she reaches her goal, and in the end she succeeds while captivating hundreds of people nationwide with her wit and dedication.
Now on the other hand, Julia Child's story was one that was not so unfamiliar to me. i grew up watching her show at my grandmama's house and i have always just loved her vivaciousness. it's contagious! she is fun and flamboyant and unapologetic and i just want to scoop her up into a big bear hug 99% of the time. she appreciates the good things in life, and just when you think she can't improve, she makes everything a little better with a dollop of butter- homeade, no doubt. what a way fabulous, fabulous way to live.
both women are amazing, and i would absolutely reccomend this movie to anyone looking for a great chick flick. i walked out of the theater smiling, and took home the lesson that no one should be afraid to say "yum" when they get something just right :)
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