Tuesday, August 18, 2009

calling all fashion mavens,

if you are anything like me & wish you could dress up like Alice in Wonderland in public (without looking like a cupcake), then you should absolutely look into up-and-coming designer Erin Fetherston. her designs aren't exactly the big poofy dresses that Alice wears, but they certainly capture the harder, more badass if you will, side to the story. by that, I mean they're a little LSD, a little chaotic, and very girly. they are what i imagine to be the perfect embodiment of the nonsensical subconcious Carroll imagined when he wrote the book. Fetherston made the video posted below for her fall 09 collection, and it's nothing short of a brilliant way to showcase her approach to fashion. it's fun, innovative, whimsical, and has just enough rock n'roll to quench a restless young city girl's thirst. check it out below:


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